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    Your Ideal Dark Side Of The Moon

    What's your favourite performance of each seperate song of DSOTM?
    first of all English isn't my first language so i apologize for any grammatical errors or sth
    you have to choose between On The Run or The Travel Sequence
    My choices:

    1- Speak To Me : 1974 Wembley
    2-Breathe : i really love the Breathe from 17th February 1972, david's voice is really sublime, another choice would be 15th November 1972 which has like 20 seconds of extra guitar playing and it's beautiful, i always loved it when they jammed to the breathe keys
    3- i choose the Travel Sequence, it really highlights the floyd's jamming ability, my choice would be the Brighton performance which was officially released
    4-Time: i really prefer the slow versions from early 1972 performances, my favourite verison is from Sapporo, 13th March 1972
    5- The Great Gig In The Sky: i'd have to choose two very different performances, the first one is from 15th November 1972 which is like a instrumental version of GGITS, it has evolved from the mortality sequence but they haven't added the female singer so it's really beautiful with Rick's piano, the second choice is from Landover 1975, which is almost 8 minutes and rick plays these jazzy chords which are wonderful
    6- Money: i guess this song is the only choice which isn't from a Full DSOTM performance, i choose the Oakland 1977 Version
    7-Us And Them: Wembley 1974 Or Hollywood Bowl 1972
    8- Any Colour You Like: Wembley 1974 Or Landover 1975, Both are equally beautiful
    9 and 10: Brain Damage / Eclipse: Also Wembley 1974
    what about your choices?
    that was pretty avant-garde, wasn't it?

    Speak to me - Hollywood 72
    Breathe - London 20th 72
    Travel Sequence - London 20th 72
    Time - Brighton 72
    Mortality Sequence - Chicago 72
    Money - Hollywood 72
    Us and them - Zurich 72
    Any Colour - Wembley 74
    Brain Damage - Portsmouth 72
    Eclipse - Hollywood 72

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      That´s a hard question. But I would alone choose London 20.02.1972 for the Mortality sequence from this is for me probably the most hypnotic piece of music ever. I am still after all these years mezmerised listening to it.

      And for sure some Any Colour You Like from 1975.
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        The original album straight through. No improving on perfection.